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Making arrangements in the event of your death can be a daunting thought, so our expert advisors aim to build a personal relationship with you, so it needn’t be a difficult task. We make sure to understand you and your wishes so we can tailor your planning to cater for all your intentions. As well as in-depth knowledge of people, our experts are highly qualified in estate planning and all other financial aspects.

Estate planning is an effective strategy for helping to minimise the tax paid when your beneficiaries inherit the assets you leave behind. Estate planning consists of employing sometimes multiple strategies to ensure that you have control over both your capital and income. Equally important is control over who inherits your wealth and when they do. We understand that every family is different, so our estate planning solutions will help ensure that your estate can be passed on to who you wish, as you wish.


Estate planning trusts are a great way of managing assets. Essentially, a trust allows there to be a set of rules in the gifting or loaning of assets to a beneficiary. Whilst the concept of a trust is fairly simple, there are many different types that are all taxed differently.

Who benefits from trusts?

Trusts can be effective in managing your assets should you or your family become unable to do so. They are also practical when the beneficiaries are too young or not of sound mind.

Our advisors can precisely employ a trust with all your stipulations. Speak to a member of the Pure Wealth Management team today, to find out more about trusts.

Inheritance Tax Calculations and Advice

Understanding Inheritance Tax is a complex responsibility, this is made harder by the changes consistently made by the UK Government. Should you pass away its important to know and understand how your assets are distributed and the tax that will be paid.

How does Inheritance Tax work?

If the assets you leave behind equate to £325,000 or less, then there will be no inheritance tax to pay. Should they exceed this threshold however, the standard tax rate of 40% is applied to the amount above the limit.

There are multiple tax relief options that can be utilised to ensure your finances go further. At Pure Wealth Management, we take pride in creating solutions to solve your financial concerns. Contact a member of the team to find out how on how our estate planning services can make inheritance tax work for you.

Trust and Estate Planning are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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