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Stepping into the world of savings and investments is exciting, but savers and investors can quickly become bogged down in poor interest rates and a myriad of choices.

With Pure Wealth Management, saving and investing doesn’t have to be difficult thanks to our investment solutions. With financial advice drawn exclusively from the open market, your savings can become opportunities to maximise on the best solutions available.

Our investment advisors listen, discuss and ensure proper understanding of your current circumstances with a compassionate, collaborative approach. We’ll then analyse to see where your current savings and investments sit and evaluate how to improve your investment’s suitability to you. We will analyse your attitude to risk, your capacity to absorb potential losses and your existing investments. We will then look at your financial goals and propose a plan that encompasses your values and helps reduce the tax you pay, whilst targeting your specific objectives.

Pure Wealth Management’s dynamic, knowledge-hungry team will continually be at the cutting-edge of the market, ensuring that you can take advantage of modern saving and investing techniques, to help target suitable investment returns in the most tax-efficient manner.

Our detailed personalised advice and financial plan will consider your unique needs, resulting in tailored, long-term solutions. We’re interested in you as a person: your financial goals, your passions and what you’re saving for.


ISAs are tax-free saving havens, ensuring you keep your hard-earned money and investment returns for yourself. ISAs are very simple tax wrappers that protect your savings from tax on both your capital investment and any future growth. They are often one of the first ports of call when assigning money for investing. Our access to the open market ensures we can find market-leading ISAs that work for you. This means that we can invest in both cash and multi-asset holdings to try and grow your money in line with your attitude to risk, whilst sheltering your money from unnecessary tax.

Not only will we find the right solution for you now, but we’ll keep on top of the industry as it evolves to review your position regularly. Our approach to ISA’s is like the rest of our business: purely transparent and unbiased.

General Investment Accounts

A general investment account is a flexible option that allows you to hold multiple investments from the broad investment universe easily. We can provide detailed advice as to what General Investment Accounts (GIAs) to opt for, allowing you to get organised and foster growth. These are often used in addition to other tax wrappers. This means we can utilise annual allowances and manage your money to hold investments in the most suitable places for you. This evolving process means moving assets within tax wrappers to maximise on tax savings. We offer this service to all of our clients, so that you can rest assured your money is working as efficiently as possible for you.

Onshore/Offshore Bonds

Investing in onshore and offshore bonds is a sensible, legal way to protect and take care of savings. Pure Wealth Management can talk things through and select the best option for you so you can make the most of your value. Tax planning is key here, to legitimately control the tax you pay, whilst investing in line with risk that you deem suitable for your needs.

Unit Trusts/OEICS

Pure Wealth Management’s software, expertise and assertive approach to the financial market allow you to diversify your investment portfolio.

To make the most of unit trusts and open-ended investment companies (OEICs), you need a trusted voice with an eye on the entire market to help you make the right choices.

By listening to your aims, we can identify investments that work for you. Amassing a catalogue of investments is made easy when you have the benefit of our client-focused, clearly communicated advice and investment tips.

Whatever you require to make the most of your money, contact the Pure Wealth Management team. We’re always keeping on top of the financial world, so no matter your query, our investment management advisors will have the answer in plain English.

The value of investments may fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you originally invested.

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