We offer advice on all areas of Pensions, Investments, Protection, Tax Planning, Estate Planning and Wealth Management. Our core focus for each client is to offer truly independent and unbiased advice.

Financial Solutions for the Long-Term

Pure Wealth Management pairs unbiased financial advice with expansive industry knowledge, to provide our clients with a range of services including Investment solutions, Pension advice, protection planning and estate planning.

We’re here to provide clear, jargon-free solutions to help tackle financial problems.

We’re not simply another financial advice firm tied-down by familiarity bias or contracts with providers.

As a truly independent entity, our cutting edge technology and adviser knowledge ensure we can analyse the entirety of the open market to match what we feel suits your needs best.

By following our core values of ethics, fairness, integrity and honesty, we have a proven track record of helping our clients towards their financial goals in a way that is ethical and focused on the long-term.

As a fresh, forward-thinking business, we have a hunger for staying on top of industry news and developments to help you recognise every investment opportunity available to you.

Alongside our expansive industry knowledge, we have a burning passion for improving our client’s finances and achieving beyond their forecasted goals.

We believe our value is in getting things right the first time, every time. Financial Planning generally isn’t a transactional process though. Our Cardiff-based financial advisors will assess your objectives, research the market and create a plan. This is an evolving roadmap that we will refine in line with changes in your circumstances, legislation and financial solutions to ensure we continue to deliver what is important to you.

Estate Planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Our Services

What makes Pure Wealth different?

Pure Wealth Management’s expertise in investments and cash-flow management can benefit everyone.

More often than not, financial advice is offered to clients in categories. Clients can sometime choose or are pigeon-holed into a service segment. This may be down to the cost you are willing to pay, or the amount of money that you hold. That may depict you as a Bronze, Silver, Gold or some other system.

When creating our service proposition we took the time to challenge everything that we do and build an offering that is fair, non-discriminative and transparent. As such we offer a single service to all of our clients, regardless of who they are. Every one of our existing clients and every new Pure Wealth client will receive the same high level of service from us. We understand that some people want to be heavily involved in their own planning and others will want us to take care of things, so they don’t have to. We will manage these personal relationships as we both see fit. You can however rest assured that behind the scenes you are being treated equally and every Pure Wealth client is an important client to us.

Running with this ethos, our open, transparent approach to financial advice can lead to boundless benefits for your finances. Take a look through the services we offer.

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