Faced with poor interest rates from banks and building societies, more people are exploring investments to make their money work for them. We can help analyse what would suit you best whilst navigating risk, taxation and flexibility to suit your needs.

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    Key Features

    Investments can be confusing, below are some areas of consideration when planning your finances.  We can help answer questions on these, or explain how your current Investments will provide for you.

    • We select investments that offer diversity, in order to spread risk appropriately
    • You are able to use investments with preferential tax treatment, sometimes sheltering from tax entirely
    • Have you checked that you've used all of your available allowances this tax year?
    • Have you considered what your investments could be worth in years to come?
    • Our cutting edge research tools can assess your current investments alongside their peers
    • We will fully assess your attitude to risk and show you how that looks, to ensure you are comfortable with your investements

    Investments can go down as well as up. You may not get back the original capital invested.

    Investing Wisely

    Stepping into the world of savings and investments is exciting, but savers and investors can quickly become bogged down in poor interest rates and a myriad of choices.

    With Pure Wealth Management, saving and investing doesn’t have to be difficult thanks to our clear investment advice. With financial advice drawn exclusively from the open market, your savings can become opportunities to maximise on the best solutions available.

    Our investment advisors listen, discuss and ensure proper understanding of your current circumstances with a compassionate, collaborative approach.

    We’ll then analyse to see where your current savings and investments sit and evaluate how to improve your investment’s suitability to you. We will analyse your attitude to risk, your capacity to absorb potential losses and your existing investments. We will then look at your financial goals and propose a plan that encompasses your values and helps reduce the tax you pay, whilst targeting your specific objectives.

    Pure Wealth Management’s dynamic, knowledge-hungry team will continually be at the cutting-edge of the market, ensuring that you can take advantage of modern saving and investing techniques, to help target suitable investment returns in the most tax-efficient manner.

    Our detailed personalised advice and financial plan will consider your unique needs, resulting in tailored, long-term solutions. We’re interested in you as a person: your financial goals, your passions and what you’re saving for.

    Why use us?

    Pure Wealth offer both a friendly and experienced approach to working with you and your finances. We are regulated and directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. We only use regulated investments and work hard to identify what’s important to you. This is so that our recommendations not only follow sound principles of advice, but crucially are tailored for you.

    Pure Investments


    Independent recommendations with no product or fund bias


    Personal solutions, tailored to you


    Cutting edge research tools to source what suits you best


    Regular reviews to keep control of your Investments


    Holistic planning, to cater for all of your financial needs


    I couldn’t be happier with the highly professional support and advice we have received from Stuart and the Pure Wealth team.

    I have been hugely impressed with the care shown by Stuart in structuring our future financial plans. He has taken the time to very carefully understand our financial goals and then help us truly understand the needs and strategy that will achieve these priorities. He has been consistent in his approach despite huge market turmoil and has demonstrated credibility through the results he has achieved – he has very definitely earned our trust.
    G. Jones, Cardiff

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