Do you know what your pensions are doing for you?

We can help you take back control with a free, no obligation analysis of your pensions.

  • Make sense of what you’re actually paying for your existing pensions
  • Find out how well your pension is performing
  • Research the whole market to ensure you have what suits your needs best
  • See if it’s beneficial to combine your pension pots into one
  • Model what your pension could pay you as an income in retirement

If you’d like help with your existing pensions or a new plan, then get in touch with one of our qualified Advisers by giving us a call, or by using our enquiry form.

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    Key Features

    Pensions can be confusing, below are some areas of consideration when planning for retirement.  We can help answer questions on these, or explain how your current pension savings will provide for you.

    • Up to 45% tax relief on pension contributions
    • 25% Tax Free Cash typically available post retirement
    • Tax free growth on investments - similar to an ISA
    • Most pensions have charges, have you looked to see if you're happy with yours?
    • Pension fund performance can vary significantly, do you know how yours are stacking up?
    • Pension rules have changed, will your pension provide for you and your loved ones?

    The Three Key Stages of Pension Advice


    This is when you and often an Employer make contributions to your pension.  These contributions accumulate and are invested in funds to help them grow towards your retirement goals.  We can offer you advise on:

    • When to start saving
    • How much to save
    • Where to invest
    • What you are likely to receive in retirement


    This area of advice is useful for those who have already built up one or more pension pots.  Often through our changing careers, we build up several pensions with different Employers.  Whether you have a single pension or a dozen, we can help you analyse them for you:

    • Costs & Charges
    • Performance analysis
    • Guarantees & Protected Policies
    • Flexibility & Functionality


    This critical planning looks at what you have accumulated and consolidated.  We then project what you will have in retirement and plan the best way to take your pension benefits to suit you:

    • Cashflow Forecasting
    • Tax Planning
    • Budgeting
    • Investment modelling

    Why use us?

    Our pension advisors are here to help you achieve the perfect life balance in retirement, with our qualified, unbiased financial advice allowing you to save, grow and spend your retirement savings with peace of mind that it will provide for you as intended.

    Our service doesn’t operate on a time-constrained basis, instead we do everything to solve your problems and meet your objectives.

    We carefully listen and understand your circumstances before providing advice that works best for you. By coupling this understanding with our access to the open market, our pension advice will ensure you can enjoy your retirement without concerns over your finances.

    Pure Pensions


    Free initial consultation for every client


    Friendly, personal, approachable


    Independent advice with no bias


    Expert knowledge and cutting edge research tools


    Fair, transparent fees


    Pure Wealth have been excellent from the start in their approach to my pension review. I found Paul Cox in particular and Pure Wealth to be extremely professional and informative. I have been particularly impressed by the preparation and following bespoke presentation outlining my options and recommendations for a better pension solution. I had no hesitation in making the changes and am now looking forward to my annual review.

    C.Thornley, Milton Keynes

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