Why Pure Wealth is becoming a much needed home for great advisers

Why are so many advisers talking to Pure Wealth Management at the moment? Here I share some of our thoughts on why both Financial Advisers and Mortgage Advisers are talking to us about their future.

When we set up Pure Wealth Management, we had two main objectives.

  • Firstly, to offer clients the best experience when they trust us to look after their finances
  • Secondly, to allow advisers the software and tools to complete their work efficiently and provide their clients with a market leading professional experience.

This article highlights some of the reasons that many advisers are talking to us right now and why many are choosing Pure Wealth to be the home for not only them but also their clients.

True independence

Pure Wealth Management is independent, which means unlike many financial advisory practices, we are not tied to any lenders or insurers and we are not part of a network but instead we are directly authorised by the FCA (and proud of it!).  This allows advisers to source the best products and funds available for their clients.

We also do not force any of our advisers to use a specific investment fund or investment strategy. Throughout the fact-finding stage we encourage our advisers to discuss various investment strategies with their clients, ensuring they have peace of mind and an understanding of where and how they are investing.

This is the same for our mortgage advisers, who have access to many lenders using research software provided.  This alongside our subscription to various mortgage clubs offers the mortgage advisers the support they require to ensure their clients are looked after and have the best chance of securing finance.

Advanced technology

At Pure Wealth we have embraced technology and continue to remain at the cutting edge of the IFA market.  We have always had the ambition to run a business “paper free” but unfortunately some providers still require certain documents in paper format and therefore we now view ourselves as “paper light”.

Advisers can showcase this digital approach with clients as all initial documents, fact finds and risk profile reports can be completed online, securely through a client’s portal.  Clients and advisers can sign documents from their smart phones, with all documents being stored in the client’s own portal for future viewing.

The use of technology continues throughout the client journey with individual bespoke presentations created for advisers to use interactively as they begin to build a relationship with new clients. Following preparation from your diploma-qualified support team, the client signs the suitability report electronically which is again stored for both client and adviser. The process demonstrates a professional approach and adviser friendly process that far out ways many other IFA practices and even many corporate offerings.

Technology also offers one final thing – the ability for our advisers and clients to be based anywhere.  We currently have advisers and clients based all over the country.  The location of the adviser makes little difference to the experience that both they and their clients receive.

Client investment committee

Pure Wealth Management again uses sophisticated software to aid advisers in choosing the most appropriate funds for their clients. We run a quarterly investment committee to discuss both the Macro and Micro factors that may impact our clients’ investments. We welcome the input from all our advisers and their thoughts on the markets. The conclusion of this is the Pure Wealth centralised investment proposition.

This proposition allows our advisers to receive a shortlist of funds that are typically the best performing with the lowest cost charges. We appreciate that technology is not always perfect, so advisers can review shortlists before recommending the most appropriate funds to their clients. We also understand many advisers have clients who are in historic funds that have performed favourably. During annual reviews if these funds remain appropriate for clients and are performing well then advisers can continue to use these funds offering peace of mind that you do not have to move all your legacy investments when you join Pure Wealth.

Leading support

This area is huge in the financial world but from our experience seems very low down on the list of priorities for an adviser exploring a move to a new company. This always surprises us as a successful adviser should spend most of their time in front of clients and not undertaking administration tasks.

A good support network allows advisers to see more clients, spend time with existing clients and generate more revenue. This is the model that we offer at Pure wealth Management. Our diploma-qualified support staff offer the very best back-office assistance for our advisers, from setting-up the clients Portal, creating and tailoring client presentations, to writing the suitability report.  We want Pure Wealth advisers to concentrate on what they do best and we aim to take away as much of the admin as possible to allow this to happen.

The advisers we look after

Whilst we do not limit ourselves to this, typically we will see the following:

  • Financial advisers who wish to join a firm that supports them and offers them a platform to offer the best service and experience to their clients.
  • Established financial advisers that do not want the headache or hassle of compliance oversight and can work as an appointed representative of Pure Wealth Management.
  • Mortgage advisers that wish to gain access to market leading processes as well as the ability to refer their clients to other areas of the Pure Group for financial requirements.

If you are a financial advisor or mortgage advisor that is unhappy where you are then let’s chat about how Pure Wealth Management can not only make your job easier but give a better experience to your clients. Please get in touch for a confidential no obligation chat to find out more.

Article By Stuart d’Ivry

February 1st, 2022

Originally from Pembrokeshire, Stuart gained a BSc honors degree in economics from Cardiff Business School, studying accounting and management. In recent years Stuart has extended his knowledge of the Independent market, interviewing fund managers and consistently sourcing the best possible solutions for his clients.

Stuart began his career in 2003 as a graduate at NatWest, immediately he moved into premier banking. Then in 2012, Stuart joined Coutts Wales as one of four Associate Directors in Wales. Over four years at Coutts, he advised professionals, entrepreneurs, and sportspeople. For seven months, Stuart was a lending specialist to professionals and clients in sport and entertainment. Based in London, his role oversaw lending volumes in excess of £34 million. As a Director of Pure Wealth Stuart will be able to ensure his knowledge and expertise are offered throughout the process when planning client’s goals and objectives.

Outside work, Stuart enjoys travelling and spending time with his family. He is the treasurer of the local squash team and is slowly learning to play golf.

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